Live Music

One of a Kind Live Music

Brittany DeMarre has been playing and performing piano for over 24 years.  She plays everything from classical music to ambient, peaceful, original piano tunes.  Her favorite music to play is composed on the spot & played to enhance the energy of the room for her listeners.

For bookings for ambient piano music at private parties and events, please use the form below.

What can I expect if I hire Brittany to play at my event?

Brittany has a passion for changing the atmosphere in a room with her music.  She can feel the energy in the room shift & composes music on the spot to fit the feel of a group of people or an event.  She has always improvised music with a romantic classical feel, and can created a one of a kind experience for your guests.  You won’t have to worry about videos on social media with music usage rights; her music is original at every party so you won’t have your videos removed if they include the ambient music.  You can relax and enjoy music that is unique to your event.  A grand piano is preferred, however Brittany also has a stage piano she can bring to an event for an extra fee if no piano is provided.  Limited availability so book ahead of time!

If you are a live performer and want lessons for improvisation please click here.

Brittany is smiling and sitting at her grand piano, wearing a blue dress and a necklace, and this photo was taken just before a live performance online.