About Me

Brittany DeMarre is a piano teacher with a background in classical piano performance and experience in church worship music.  She is a recording artist and a pianist for private parties and fundraisers, a children’s book author, homeschool mother, & jiu jitsu blue belt who owns Brit Piano, LLC., currently located in Royston, GA.  She has a background prior to college working as a nanny and school administrator, which gives her a unique perspective on early childhood education & the needs of music students.  She holds an AA in piano performance & has composed over 300 original songs, many of which can be found on her Bandcamp & online.

In her studio, Brittany teaches in person and virtual piano lessons to students across the country in a variety of styles.  She teaches classical music grades and modern music depending on the student’s needs and learning preferences.

She is also a techie and an entrepreneur, always creating new digital assets & helping others do the same.

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Brittany DeMarre
Brittany DeMarreOwner, Operator, Brit Piano, LLC.
Pianist, Composer, Piano Teacher, Consulting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt, Tech Entrepreneur.